Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Suresh V Chari

Dr Suresh V Chari, Founder and CEO, 8K Miles (http://www.8kmiles.com/)
June 16, 1 pm
Suresh V. Chari


Murali said...

8KMiles is an online ecosystem of verified professionals and companies that enables outsourcing of software and other knowledge services completely over the internet. Using the 8KMiles portal, companies (buyers) can “smartsource” any type of knowledge work cost effectively and securely to certified individuals or groups (providers).

Our patent pending Virtual Computing Environment provides companies with on-demand access to computing infrastructure to bring products/projects to life, while protecting intellectual property and enabling project continuity. Our collaborative workflow tools facilitate successful execution of the entire project lifecycle from quote-contract-cash in a secure environment.

8KMiles’ vision is to make freelancing engagements organized and collaborative and offer businesses of all sizes access to just-in-time, reliable and cost-effective outsourced services.

The 8KMiles team brings together many best practices and significant experience in outsourcing, strategic planning, finance, Information Technology and application engineering.

8KMiles is privately held with offices in USA and India.
The Idea

Outsourcing has traditionally benefited large corporations. Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are yet to fully capitalize the benefits that can be derived from outsourcing. They must overcome some unique strategic challenges to make outsourcing work. These include limited time and budget, limited access to talent and infrastructure, lack of information and concerns about choosing the right vendor.

8KMiles effectively addresses these challenges by providing on-demand access to people, tools and computing infrastructure. 8KMiles offers excellent opportunities for professionals around the globe to display their skills in areas as diverse as business consulting, technology, accounting, sales & marketing, healthcare, legal and much more.

With access to the right skills, infrastructure and services at the right time, SMBs can build their company, grow their business and achieve market leadership.
The Ecosystem

The 8KMiles ecosystem is being built from the ground up with credible service providers with expertise in diverse domains and skill areas. The distributed provider-base coupled with our collaborative platform enables services to be offered with a mix of local and remote support, maximizing cost efficiency, quality and reliability. 8KMiles enables a self-sustaining model where users can bring in business, locate and team up with the right service partners, develop and deliver solutions to customers in a streamlined fashion. The ecosystem is made up of:

* Buyers: Companies outsourcing work through 8KMiles by taking advantage of virtual computing environment and other features.
* Providers: Independent professionals or IT services companies offering services to buyers.
* Sales Managers: Sales and account management professionals can get buyers into the system and act as their online and/or offline interface and help them get work done. Sales managers can also hire providers and form virtual teams.
* Project Managers: Project managers can use our simple collaboration and management tools to coordinate project activities effectively and ensure quality deliverables within time and budget. Project managers can help buyers efficiently utilize 8KMiles’ services.

Murali said...

Dr. Suresh V Chari, Founder and CEO

Armed with over 20 years of experience in the Consulting and Outsourcing
industry, Suresh has successfully founded several IT outsourcing and
solution companies like SolutionNet, SRP Consulting, SRM Technologies in
Australia, Dubai, India, UK and US, and exited through IPO and/or

Suresh has served as advisor to several IT, Telecom and many economic
forums in Singapore. He was awarded as the top entrepreneur in Singapore in

Prior to his entrepreneurship carrier, Suresh served as Head of Electronic
Banking development at Deutsche Bank where he was the key architect in
creating the state-of-the-art product db-direct. He was involved in
developing the IT software subsidiary for Deutsche Bank in Bangalore,
India. Previously he was involved in software development, IT Consulting
with Unisys and Singapore Airlines.

Suresh holds Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and honorary doctorate in
Business Administration.
Branch Head
Mediacom PR