Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Suresh V. Chari - Videos

Logic behind company name 8K Miles and the motto

How the business model was evolved

A technical expert in a village can take up a project in US -- Example of Jagannathan in Trichy

Process for verification of people through id proof, and online exam, screened biometrically

We are planning to offer a few tests free

Sales professionals can even create a virtual company in 8K Miles and get projects for software developers

Revenue model based on usage, subscription, project completion

Remuneration depends on skill level of software professionals

Platform not only for freelancers but for SMEs too, which find it difficult to market their software talent

Virtual staffing is relevant during recession and also normal times

Project manager can help identify value in a price-war situation

VCE gives visibility of a project in progress

Remembering my teacher

The 'green' aspects of 8K Miles

At employee end a computer and broadband connectivity are needed

Timings are flexible

Cost advantage by eliminating intermediaries and overheads

Security ensured in the virtual environment through controls, as in physical space

Indian workers are creative and they need flexibility

Technical experts can contribute despite lacking in soft skills

Not just IT professionals, but also other functional experts are targeted by the platform

We intend tying up with a training company, to offer projects for trainees and students

College Departments can also deliver project results, with the guidance of the Professors

Students can build their resumes by highlighting their strengths and interests, to discover market potential

How I started Myilai Masala restaurant

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