Tuesday, June 16, 2009

S. B. (Ravi) Pandit - Videos

Our focus is on embedded software for the electronics used by the automotive industry

With the role of embedded electronics going up, cars are becoming more complex

Future trends in embedded electronics for cars

New ecosystem emerging for the automotive industry addresses the complete use of electronics for the cars

Most of the existing automotive players will have to re-look at their business models

Progressive 'shift from the atom to the electron' as applied to car

On moving from chartered accountancy to embedded automotive electronics

What will drive changes in public transport

Efficient mobility solutions required in developing countries

Electronics in car vs commercial vehicles

Greening of the car happens with greater electronics embedded, and also with IT use in car manufacture

We are in engine control systems for cars

Green subsidies currently given by Governments for automotive industry

SaaS model for electric cars -- the Israel example that can be followed by power-surplus States in India

Great industry to be in

Views about the young generation

We are slowly finding reaffirmation in our culture

Language will cease to be a barrier, but we need to nurture depth in Indian language

Guidance for students on the course to choose (in Marathi)

Students undergo pressure for excelling, and parents are progressively realising how little they know

Remembering my teacher

Economics, a critical subject that gives a broader perspective of all human actions

Information or transportation, anything of value should not be given free, else it will be wasted

Inclusive growth essential, society is like one piece of cloth, you can't tear it away without affecting fibres all across

Organise your computer face time, lest you get swayed by the instant

To foster innovation, get the right people and leave them to themselves

Ideal city has a place for everyone

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