Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Padmini Ramesh, Wilja C. G. Witcombe - Videos

Two books on reincarnation

Split soul - Example from book

The idea of reincarnation is natural for India

Flashbacks, dreams, bumping into people who seem familiar, scientific proof through DNA matching

Focus on your strengths to make the present lifetime better

Experience at the conference -- cases of reincarnation that were discussed

Strong opinions become redundant when one appreciates the reincarnation phenomenon

Meeting Wilja

The journey from Germany to Sri Lanka, and the re-discovery of an ancient king

Research that the author did for tracing back to the Ceylon king who brought great spiritual revolution by introducing Buddhism

Peace Project

Finding stewards to negotiate peace, through reincarnation research

Emperor Ashoka must be back again, so why not join hands

What did the king do after his son died

What did the king do after his son died

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