Sunday, June 7, 2009

Organic Supermarket - Videos

Our effort is to go beyond commerce and make organic farming a movement (Ruso, John, Arul)

Free door-delivery of organic food products, and also health tips (Ruso, John)

Once people know where organic produce is available, they are willing to go there and buy (John)

Science students are aware of organic practices (John)

Why fast-foods can be unhealthy (John)

Inauguration of the shop

Felicitations by Chief Guest (Sowmya)

Short-term goals drive chemical use (B. A. Gopala Krishna, a customer)

How I began organic farming (A. Thainese)

School lessons should include chapters on agriculture and organic farming (A. Thainese)

Happy to see organic awareness (V. Aroul Djody)

Traffic jams, a top issue about city's environment (K. Valliappan)

Poovulagu, an initiative to create environmental awareness (K. Valliappan)

Meaning of Poovulagu (K. Valliappan)

What can motivate farmers to switch to organic farming, and make our country self-sufficient in food (S. Rajareega)

Market for organic produce in Madurai vs Chennai (S. Rajareega)

Idea of organic restaurant (S. Rajareega)

Demonstration of recipes using organic products (S. Rajareega)

A brief narrative of Government's agricultural policies (A. Thainese)

Agriculture needs a young Minister, with farming background, at the Centre (A. Thainese)

Farming adversely affected by the 100-day employment programme (S. Rajareega)

Many of the findings in agricultural labs don't reach the farmers (S. Rajareega)

Poet reading a poem from his book (T. Ruso)

My first poem (T. Ruso)

Cost vs Benefits of organic products (Arul)

One can make a beginning with organic snacks (Arul)

College canteens can ensure the health of students by offering organic food (Arul)

How I began beekeeping (S. Josephine)

Common myth about beekeeping (S. Josephine)

Students evincing interest in beekeeping (S. Josephine)

To keep fit, remove the easy-chair from home (A. Thainese)

Rural tourism that city-dwellers can think of, for rejuvenation (A. Thainese)

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