Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mylapore Venkata Bhaskar - Videos

Plans to expand to 25-30 restaurants in 3 years

Do we have statistics on organised restaurant business in India

Wrong to say that the family-oriented restaurants have not delivered

We want to democratise the process of coming up with new recipes in our restaurant

Chirpiness and fun that 'Masala' in our restaurant name suggests

Recipe events coming up in Myilai Masala restaurant

Working on standardisation of brand, restaurant ambience, kitchen and service processes

Dubai and western Chennai -- venues for new restaurants in the next 6 months

Standardisation is the key word, and local customisation even in foreign restaurants will be minor

Celebrities are switching over to vegetarianism

Indian consumers are conscious of value-for-money

Opportunities for centralised business models in restaurant

Importance of customer perception in restaurant business, as in retail

Share of packed foods in retail sales

Short shelf-life for a quick turnaround

Brand registration has to happen in restaurant, before we move to campus outlets

Model of small restaurant or food-court in malls and other places

Do good things, rather than merely stop with listening to good things

Start somewhere, when you want to do good

Greatest challenge in restaurant industry is manpower

Part-time employment model has to happen in restaurant business, but there are regulatory restrictions

A recent post in my blog -- 'Anything more than a Santro'

Brick-and-mortar space offers opportunities to experiment many things for augmenting revenue

No limit to bringing into restaurants different international vegetarian cuisines

The entertainment dimension of our business

Subsets within the vegetarian segment, including the organic-food avid

Can we cater to someone designing their own dinner over the web

Remembering my teacher

One most valuable work lesson -- Take your work seriously, but keep your composure in tact

Views about the young generation

Leader has to make every member of the team feel that he has an equal role to play

Effective communication is talking what the other man understands -- Example of information that makes sense to a cook

Industry can influence policy-making by communicating the big picture to the authorities

What can be done about the low entry barrier in the restaurant business

Impact of slowdown on retail

Story behind 'Mylapore' in my name

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