Monday, June 15, 2009

Murali Mahalingam - Videos

Virtual Branch Networking -- revolutionary technology to bring the cost down

Fast transition in the wireless LAN segment

How is VBN deployed -- an example

Solutions to address the concerns of CIOs to reduce cost of provisioning for infrastructure

IT administration and resource cost declines with the use of wireless LAN

Companies can start off with one location as a redundant network

Wireless network as a primary network, for data and voice

How quickly can you deploy a wireless LAN

Site survey in the case of large network installations

Network can accommodate an employee moving from one branch to another

CIOs look at saving on power cost for maintaining IT infrastructure, where wireless network helps

Our newest product, Remote Access Point 2

Product for remote and tele workers

Controller in data centre, to which the RAP 2 connects through broadband line

Security taken care of in the wireless network products

Relevance of wireless products for banks, retailers

Rural India can benefit from wireless networks

Minimum requirement for a wireless network in a rural location

Virtualisation of facilities in the data centre, and workers are mobile

Small and medium-sized enterprises adopting wireless networks

How can a campus benefit from wireless network

Remembering my teacher

One valuable work lesson -- Good attitude builds altitude

Collaboration and networking can be lacking in our campuses

If you have a great idea or thought, share it

Views about slowdown

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