Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mayur Abhaya - Videos

Where is stem cell industry heading to

Globally, stem cell work is getting funds, and support

Bone marrow registry required in the country

Stem cell centre in Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre

Risk of infection for cancer patients

Air control systems, and filters to ensure clean air

More than 50 per cent of surgical procedures are expected to involve stem cell therapy

Government initiatives in stem cell sector

Biotechnology as a study option for students

Industry-academia interaction for stem cell study

Regulations and guidelines need to be in place for stem cell industry

Mergers and acquisitions in the stem cell industry

Hospitals partnering with the industry, for stem cell clinical trials

Menstrual blood stem cell banking to be launched from July

Other countries where menstrual blood stem cell banking has been launched

Research about menstrual blood stem cells

Awareness of stem cell is wide, owing to media coverage

Indian journals carry articles about stem cell research, and this can be reported in mainstream media too

Views about the young generation

Once you empower people, they deliver

Working in the family business

Governance system should be in place for family businesses

Professional CEOs in family businesses

Operations to be set up in Dubai

Funding needs for the company

Is there any impact of slowdown on the industry

Breakthrough research, and medical tourism, in China

Medical benefit advertisements should be regulated

Are doctors receptive to stem cell therapy

When do patients choose stem cell therapy

Experience sharing by people who have benefited from stem cell therapy

Insurance cover for stem cell therapy

How can public cord blood banks be strengthened by donors

Comparisons between traditional blood bank and cord blood bank

Success stories of cord blood banking

Corporates can promote cord blood banking among employees

Percentage of cord blood banked and preserved, across the world

Relevance of stem cell therapy for rural areas

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