Friday, May 29, 2009

Kumar Kandaswami - Videos

Views about our education system

Practical exposure immensely helps students in gaining real-life perspective

Peer pressure comes in the way of job choice

Recession is opening the eyes of people to appropriate career options, such as manufacturing

When manufacturing gets glamorous, media will talk about it

Attitude towards manufacturing in the US, Europe, and India

Practice of getting workers' families, and students, to the shop-floor

Many manufacturing enterprises have the potential to improve their profits by 20 to 30 per cent without further investments

Scope for improving the supply chain which leads agricultural produce to manufacturing

Survey of companies based on supply chain complexity, and maturity of supply chain processes

How much can you keep chopping off from your supply chain

Governmental interventions required for improving the agricultural produce realisations

How wastage can be reduced in agriculture (M.J. Prabu participates in the discussion)

Communication skills required in manufacturing

Maintenance job can do with a little more spotlight in manufacturing

Importance of relationship in consulting

Learnability is a key requisite in a consultant

Continue to learn even as you grow old

Trying out multiple initiatives and consultants can lead to fatigue within the organisation

Cocktail circuit motivation may lack objective and end up as a disaster

Thought from a book -- about defining a business as a mature one

Planned cost decline model, coupled with newer products in the manufacturing portfolio

Thoughts about the future direction for automotive component industry

Huge automated factories are the China model, and India may prefer flexible, small-lot, fairly complex manufacturing

Manufacturing gets the wrong end of the stick during economic cycles, but there are also many opportunities

Outlook on consolidation, globally and in India

R and D is extremely important in manufacturing

Demand creation can help more than sops and stimulus packages

Green has to be a little better than fashionable

Cost of democracy, when doing business in India

High cost of logistics due to inefficiencies impacts our competitiveness

Mindless capacity creation in boom times -- Example of textile industry

Potential for the power industry

Manufacturing activities in rural areas

Clusters in manufacturing

Does manufacturing attract enough entrepreneurship

Observations about wind power

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