Saturday, June 13, 2009

K. Ravichandran - Videos

Upstream oil sector looking up, investments happening in the mid-stream

City gas distribution (CGD) percolating into more cities

Economics of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and PNG (Piped Natural Gas)

Companies in city gas distribution are generally not making losses, but the ramp-up is slow

A step in the right direction is the separation of city gas network from the distribution company

Outlook on competition in the gas distribution space, for industrial and domestic consumers

Has there been impact of PNG on LPG volumes

We will remain a gas-starved country for at least the next decade

Power and fertilisers, the largest users of gas

Supply vs Demand for gas in Mumbai and Delhi

Considerations behind gas pipeline investments

Pricing of CNG and PNG offers incentives to users

Auto LPG meets the deficit of CNG for city transportation

Automotive manufacturers offering CNG variants

Observations on the petroleum pricing issues

Oil bond burden passed on to the future generations

Impact of oil price on oil demand, globally and in India

We can expect the real pass-on of price hike to happen for petrol, and to some extent diesel

Areas where railway freight rates impact road transport volumes

Remembering my teacher

One macroeconomic variable I watch is IIP (Index of Industrial Production)

Globally, shipping is down, and the next one year will be a trying period for the industry

Almost all the ports are seeing a de-growth in container trade

Credit crisis, commodity prices, banks opening LCs -- and their impact on shipping

How exchange fluctuations have affected the shipping industry

Good growth prospects for private ports, while the major ports are stretched to the limit

From 2010-11 onwards, ports may see high growth as earlier

Are Indian shipping companies affected by piracy

Cancellations impacting shipyards in China vs India

Incremental growth in refinery-related cargo, India vs Singapore as a hub

Coastal shipping and inland waterways -- factors impeding growth

Funding demands of the shipping industry from the Government

Is the shipping industry seeking tax changes

How can rail-port connectivity be improved -- SPVs formed by Railways

Can India be the next China in ship-building

Ship-breaking industry sees huge demand, but there are environmental issues

Three kinds of contracts that shipping companies get into

Food products, a small component of the cargo pie for shipping companies

Example of how slowdown in food-grain exports contributed to crash in charter rates

Will the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline impact shipping traffic

IIP data vs Services sector statistics

Data accuracy and relevance are critical for any analysis

Skills that students need if they aspire to become analysts

How to address the gaps in Industry-Academia interaction

We don't have an overdose of Accounting Standards

Tax change that the oil industry has been demanding

Types of rigs used by the oil industry

Oil blocks on-land and offshore

Is remote sensing helping the oil industry for prospecting

Oilfield services industry has a high dependence of foreign workers

Talent is not a big issue the shipping industry, but on taxation of employees there is a pending demand of the industry

Price discovery in the recent oil deals

Regulatory controls that govern the announcements of oil companies about discoveries

How to study the balance sheet of an upstream oil company

ICAI's guidelines about oil industry are recommendatory in nature

Alternative fuels and energy may at best address a small portion of the demand pie

Mergers and acquisitions in the oil industry

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