Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jeb Brugmann - Videos

India growing as an urban nation rapidly

What brought me to Tamil Nadu, Madurai, is a smokeless chula project, in collaboration with C. K. Prahalad

Findings of the recent report on urban poverty in India

Dharavi issue is an example of how the Government in Maharashtra is abandoning what's native in favour of foreign models

What Mumbai is doing is what the US did, a better example is in Brazil

Effective city building depends on tailoring solutions to each neighbourhood, rather than borrowing outside models

Indian cities are searching for the magic bullet, abandoning the heritage

Bangalore has lost its way

Big corporate campuses are examples of monumentalism

Different types of corporate leader personalities in India

NURM is an example of how India is getting itself organised to play the game of catch-up

How the US concept of 'urban renewal' is about destroying communities built by poor migrants

Products rejected in the home market are getting imported into India

What are the indigenous models of urbanism in India -- Temple city, Chowk, Mohalla

Infosys campus is the modern walled city

Shopping mall can be perceived as undemocratic, and inward-looking

Slum, a negative labelling by middle-class

Social capital in Dharavi, economic specialisations in Tamil Nadu

How the Thevars have progressed in Madurai

Centrality of family as an economic unit and also a unit of solidarity has led to chain migration

Detailed economic study of Dharavi is required

What is the current status of Dharavi, Mumbai

Observations about Slumdog Millionaire

The world doesn't understand what's happening in India

Author reading his book

How are architects responding to urbanism ideas

My next book -- 'The Ecology of Prosperity'

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