Friday, June 19, 2009

Ganesh Ayyar - Videos

Providing greater industry context necessary in chartered accountancy course

With business relevance CAs can be a bridge between finance and business

Will technology improvements make accountants redundant

The HP Way

Strategic vs Operational CEO

Disastrous if CEO believes he has to operate from his room

When people become bigger than organisations

What are the sources of my inspiration

A meeting of high-potential people in a non-traditional environment

My mantra is 'details'

How to gauge openness to learning

Would team sports as a finishing module make people employable

Decision making without undue delay

What is empowerment of employees to decide

Fear of failure can make managers not use their full power to decide

Was it a good landing -- A perspective

Is engagement of employees measurable

Forum for expressing ideas -- An initiative to save a dollar a day

Large organisation is made of small organisations

Need for context at the rank and file level -- Example of VIP security

Connecting the measurable micro goals to organisational contribution

Discipline around knowledge management is a big challenge

Company with discipline can derive better ROI from technology tools

Views about the young generation

What students can consider when choosing an engineering course

A dream I'd like to chase later -- Starting a school

Self-sustenance creates excellence -- Example of a school

Education through facilitators managing physical environment and domain experts leveraging technology

Leaders have a job to do

Outlook for IT services industry in India

Why companies have to look at newer options, when faced with trimmed budgets

Learning curve benefits vs Nimbler players who leapfrog the cost of learning

A story from my early days as a salesperson

Budget expectations of the IT services industry

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