Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bosskey - Videos More

Give up arguments if you value relationships

How should film reviews be

Views about the young generation

Do we need more venues for playing

Exercise should be done at the right venue

Serious co-traveller -- an anecdote

Theatres may have to slash rates to lure the public to movies

Right way of introducing laughter in the programme

You cannot take the audience for granted

Sabhas are not patronising comedy dramas

What children can learn from dramas

The anti-hero role that I like

Organisations should identify original ideas

Stress-relief for executives, with work as the undercurrent

People who do not like Bosskey

What one should learn from Rajnikanth

Statistics can be misleading

South Indian film industry has extraordinary talent, but the output can have better content

North Indian heroes present themselves better

Humour in other languages

Avoid English put-on and use Tamil in normal manner

Is Madras Tamil still alive

Does Madras Tamil get its due air-time

A dialogue in Madras Tamil -- the first one that I heard

Philosophy in Madras Tamil -- the skeleton dance

Cricket situation in Madras Tamil -- commentary

When was Bosskey born

My favourite today is Deccan Chargers

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