Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Atul Hemani

Atul Hemani, Managing Director, Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd
June 16, 2009, 3.10 pm


Murali said...

An engineering Graduate from Bombay University, Mr. Hemani has a vast experience of over 20+ years in the IT industry. Mr. Hemani is the co-founder of Omnitech and had worked for 2 years with HCL technical department prior to starting this venture. He is currently responsible for overall business strategy and direction for the organization. He drives the organic and in-organic growth of the organization in domestic and international markets. Under his leadership, Omnitech has grown from a “Garage Start up” to a global corporate entity with over 700+ skilled professionals. His focus and conviction on Innovation, Technology and Services has helped Omnitech to win various awards and accolades and more importantly to win customer confidence.

Mr. Hemani is also on board of Arham Technologies co., Ltd. which offers Application Management and Infrastructure Management Services for clients in Japan. Arham Technologies is a joint venture between Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd. and Sanwell Co. Ltd. Japan.

Omnitech is a global player providing services in Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery Services, Application Management Services, Software Testing and Infrastructure Management Services. Omnitech has its presence in India, US, Canada, UK, Japan, Bahrain, Belgium and Berlin.

Murali said...

Omnitech InfoSolutions is an ISO 9001-2000 certified global provider of technology services and technology-enabled services to diverse industry segments. Omnitech provides solutions and services in Business Availability and Business Continuity space. Business Availability services include Infrastructure Management, Application Management and Performance Management services whereas Business Continuity services include Disaster Recovery Consulting and Management, Data Vaulting and Workplace Recovery Services. Omnitech also provides Consulting services including Risk Assessment Services, Business Impact Analysis, Planning and Implementation and Audit Services

Omnitech InfoSolutions is also a world-class provider of turnkey IT solutions like Server & Storage Consolidation, Virtualization, Network Integration Solutions and Data Center Management Solutions, Omnitech provides end-to-end support with guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreements) in order to optimize infrastructure management and align IT with business goals. The company provides services in different industry segments like the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), manufacturing, utilities, services, government bodies, amongst others. With a global presence, Omnitech has offices in USA, Bahrain, Japan and has Business Partners in Belgium and Germany. Headquartered in Mumbai, Omnitech has offices in New Delhi and Bangalore.

Omnitech offers a portfolio of Compliance Assurance Services, Business Continuity and Business Availability Services. These services address resilience for Data, Equipments, Site (Data Center & Workplace) and People enablement. These services are delivered through Omnitech’s well experienced & skilled consultants and OmniCenter™ - a state-of-the-art chain of DR Sites, are key differentiators of Omnitech in DR/BCP space.

Omnitech is a pioneer in setting up a chain of Disaster Recovery/ work place recovery sites across India as well as at Middle East.

OmniCenter – India’s first third party workplace recovery center at Mahape, Navi Mumbai, is set up in response to demand from various customers. Omnitech plans to set up 8 Omnicenter’s in years to come. .

Omnitech has a niche expertise in Remote Infrastructure management, System Integration and Disaster Recovery which has enabled it to implement the most appropriate technology products and also extract the best of the same to get faster and smooth recovery for its customers. Omnitech provides proactive planning, management and auditing services for critical IT infrastructure in order to ensure total resilience and reliance against any disaster

Inspired by a vision of always being on the frontline of technological innovations backed by committed customer focus, Omnitech offers a veritable portfolio of services that are not only in demand today but are also adaptable to meet the demands of tomorrow. Omnitech provides its customers with the best practices, technologies and business

models that help them adapt quickly to changing business / IT environment, while taking full advantage of newer opportunities

A lifetime’s commitment to quality and strong focus on customer – needs is what sets apart Omnitech from other Global service providers. Omnitech firmly believes that people, services, processes and vendors are all an integral part of its endeavor to serve its customers better.
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