Friday, June 19, 2009

Anupam Pahuja - Videos

Remembering my teacher

My presentation at a seminar on 'building pride in organisations'

Pride vs Arrogance

Our work at making organisations better by making employees better

Measures of employee, both in terms of skills and competencies, should be continuous

Hierarchical vs Consultative process in performance appraisal of employees

Linking compensation to performance

Visibility of organisation is essential during downturn -- Example of American Airlines

What is innovation

Lot of potential for saving energy costs in the IT sector

Views about young generation

Do HR departments in organisations get the right talent

HR is a key piece in the organisational jigsaw

Tools for HR to move from being tactical to playing a strategical role

People with the right mindset move on and adapt to changes

Career planning by matching one's strengths to the map of organisation's requirements

Importance of HR in public sector organisations

Will best employers begin attracting employees who pay to work there

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