Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vijay Kapoor - Videos

Jeffrey Archer's 'As the Crow Flies' inspired me

I started off as a tailor when I was 23 years old

Lessons that I learnt in my sales job

People who believed in me when I began my entrepreneurship journey

Derby, the name I chose when setting up shop in a 200 square-foot showroom in Egmore

Brand Derby, expansion, TEAM building, factory

Brand building through creative and unusual advertising, with shock value and aesthetic beauty

Research involved in making a shirt, by travelling across the world to study fashion

Changes to men's fashion have become prominent over the last 10 years

Different dress for different occasions, viz. formal wear, business casual, street-wear

Target age 18-35 doesn't refer to physical age, but the mental age

You can prevent ageing mentally by living a wholistic life

Initiative to address the corporate employees about dressing well, and dressing appropriately

Tips on dressing, shopping for the right dress, wardrobe counsel

Is complexion a key variable when it comes to clothing choice

Women's western wear and children's wear -- as a gradual expansion of the brand in the future

Morning 5 to 6 is my holy hour when I read and keep the company of great minds

Myths about building a wardrobe

Trousers and shoes that you need

Have enough of self-love so that you dress well, something that is fundamental and workable

What goes with black

Mind is like a garden, and it is necessary to weed out negative thoughts

Introspection vs Introvertedness

Two ways of looking at chaos

Growing hair long

A few fundamental questions that I always asked my customers, to suggest the apt clothing for them

Body measurement using technology, and clothing design based on answers to questions

Body measurement using technology, and clothing design based on answers to questions

Why is Western women's work-wear not popular in India, and differences between men and women

Not enough to buy a good shirt or trouser, you need to maintain it properly

Feasibility of clothing maintenance, on the lines of car warranty

From nothing to something is a social responsibility, from something to a legend is a personal responsibility

How do cloth banks work

Money in the hands of good people can create a lot of good in the society

When you want to shop for clothing, take a woman along with you

Wearing and trying out the clothing is always advisable

Future of physical shopping for clothing

Huge scope for organised retail to go to rural areas

Message for wannabe entrepreneurs -- follow your passion

India is a land of opportunities, as long as you value dignity of labour, and you are not constrained by status notions

My interactions with students, and their questions

Generation 'gap' that causes conflicts in clothing choice

Should schools educate children on appropriate dressing

Keen on associating with schools as part of corporate social responsibility

Before you have a personality, wear the personality

Surround yourself with people you look up to

It is life that teaches me all philosophy -- and I try to put the good thoughts to action

Stitched clothes vs readymade clothes

Derby Institute of Tailoring -- a plan to build a network of certified tailors

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