Wednesday, February 11, 2009

V. Kumar - Feb 09 - Videos

What the author of 'The Numerati' was looking for

Is layoff by the retailers and manufacturers inevitable

Downturn in India vs US

Reason why retailers in the UK took a bigger hit

Impact on luxury goods retailing

What is going to be the status of organised retailing in India

Can organised retailing compete with street vendors, when it comes to selling fresh vegetables and fruits

Retailing of vegetables in US and India

What the book 'Customer Lifetime Value - the path to profitability' focuses on

Marketing practices of financial services companies in India

How public sector and private sector banks decide on location of branches

Should customers be charged for going to bank branch, rather than complete the transaction at an ATM

Zero-return policy vs Open return policy

Views on the marketing approach of IT companies

How to bring respect to marketing

Multi-channel shopping behaviour -- a research topic

Is cross-selling an optimal strategy -- research in progress

CRM as a concept was introduced 20 years ago

Are we going back to one-to-one marketing

Do humans add value in today's marketing when technology dominates

Post-launch work at the National Management School

Cluster analysis idea that we offered to retailers about 12 years ago

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