Monday, May 11, 2009

T. N. Manoharan - Videos

How the professionals can add value to businesses during the current downturn

Satyam story -- Employees were shaken up when the news broke out

Satyam story -- Challenges that confronted the new Board

Satyam story -- Infusing confidence in the minds of customers was key to achieve financial stability

Satyam story -- The exercise of finding a strategic investor

Satyam story -- Government gave the Board absolute support

Satyam story -- Greatest strength of the company was the customer satisfaction in terms of impeccable delivery by employees

Satyam story -- Are common perceptions about the competence of Government bodies and regulatory agencies valid

Satyam story -- A case of how Government, Regulator, Profession, Employees and Business collaborated to tide over a crisis

Satyam story -- Do we need a crisis to come together

Satyam story -- How did the Media reported the developments

Satyam story -- Positive mindset works and brings results

Satyam story -- What I learnt from the experience and how that was different from my stint as the President of ICAI

Satyam story -- There were no readymade models to follow

Satyam story -- Reforms required in the profession of auditing

Remembering my teacher

One most valuable work lesson -- Be useful to others

Views about the young generation

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