Thursday, February 12, 2009

Satya Prabhakar and Param Parameswaran - Videos

Most economics is local (Satya)

Humility is essential to winning (Param)

Why humility (Param)

Like in chess, we have played the opening before (Satya)

Network effect to solve people's requirements (Satya)

Geographical zones within each city (Param)

A laptop always online at less than Rs 10,000 a distinct possibility (Satya)

Information consumption happening on mobiles (Param)

Communication of best deals selectively over mobiles (Satya)

Example of how special offers can be broadcast instantaneously (Satya)

Sub Rs 3 lakh jobs -- say, about 85 per cent -- can be local (Satya)

Global vs local (Satya)

How structure helps context (Param)

On accuracy of information (Satya)

Value of reviews and referrals (Param)

Features of local enterprises (Satya)

Ten million visits a month, and one million responses (Satya)

Five-minute deep thinking, as a time management technique (Param)

What makes things interesting for employees (Param, Satya)

Way to excellence in job (Param, Satya)

Remote working can happen after a corporate culture is established (Satya, Param)

Featured deals (Satya)

We began as a community site, not as a content site (Satya)

Failure is still considered a social stigma (Param)

We enable new businesses to acquire customers quickly (Satya)

Message for wannabe entrepreneurs (Satya)

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