Saturday, November 29, 2008

Robert P. Garnett - Videos

Opening snatch…

Successes that IFRS is witnessing

Easy to blame accounting

Repairing and fixing the current economic crisis

Do we need a new set of regulations for banks

Excessive greed was at play

To maintain growth they needed high returns, which led them to take bigger risks

This crisis is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Where the comparison with the 1930s ends

On engineers in the financial world

North American banks and European banks were following different accounting norms

Views about rating agencies

Studying how we can reduce the complexity of norms on financial instruments

Accounting Standards are becoming complex, annual reports are getting longer

India has to start the IFRS transition early

We can ease the pain in IFRS transition

A common set of principles, but with a different application, for private companies

Professional judgment gets used in the interpretation of standards

Importance of using simple English in the accounting standards

Remembering my teacher

There is still a shortage of professional accountants

Key benefit of global accounting standards

Good financial reporting rests on four legs

Students should understand the principles of standards

One should always be aware of the outlying possibilities

Dominant CEOs may dominate the CFOs

On the concept of Black Swan

Accountants are very good team players

Don’t look at emails for 60 minutes at the start of the day -- a tip for retaining competitive edge

Is stability an objective of financial reporting

Relevance of cost management

Three broad skills that B-school graduates should have

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