Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rajiv Rajgopal - Videos

We live in an exciting world, and the outlook for the country and industry is very positive

How my background in chemical engineering has helped in my work

Application of chemical engineering principles in my jobs

Being process-oriented and structured are things I learnt from chemical engineering

Elements in communication business, as different from FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods)

It is share of the wallet that all companies compete for, but does communications industry take the revenue out of FMCG

How do I see the rate of growth in the coming years

Voice vs value-added services in the communication industry

Customer experience is key for broadband penetration

Impatience characterises not only the young generation but also the current generation

Growing up, working and living in different metros and cities has helped shape my attitude

Someone who walks faster tends to be more purposeful and seems to be clearer in terms of thoughts and actions

Staying in Mumbai was a turning point for me, instilling in me competitiveness

Parents can expose the children to the life in the different cities, as preparation for leadership role later in life to cope with change

Indians are able to do well because of their ability to handle change

Visiting vs staying

How can students be exposed to different regions -- example of village stay

Sachet marketing in FMCG and Rs 10 re-charge in communications

After Hindustan Lever, Castrol, and now in Airtel -- the message that Sunil Mittal gave me during interview

What does it mean to be a professional entrepreneur

Remembering my teacher

On today's parenting practices

Being talkative is something humans are privileged to be

Whenever a telecom tower comes up in a village and it gets connected, you can see the joy on the faces of people, the joy of empowerment

Communications as a way to bring down conflicts

Aspiration levels have changed in rural markets

Middle-class values, including a focus on cost management, even while business grows

Views about the young generation

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uday said...

I heard the thoughts and it feels great to see you touch new heights. best wishes rajiv

uday shenoy , bangalore