Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Partha Iyengar - Videos


Two critical areas for the Government -- Infrastructure and education

IT industry can be successful regardless of who the Minister is

Infrastructure development should go beyond Tier-1 cities

In addition to the Government and private enterprise, we need global players in the development of infrastructure

Propping up unviable companies with tax incentives is a wrong move

Predictability of regulations, transparency -- these can attract global investors to India

Does the infrastructure industry require a regulator

Connectivity through road and air influences industry location

There will be pockets in the country that will be the wrong environment for investors

On the comment by Minister, 'Don't set up industry here because there is no power'

We need clarity about SEZ (special economic zone)

Will India rise in the doing business rankings

Entrepreneurs should think big, rather than think of bootstrapping

Productive model of industry-academia interaction, moving from blue-sky research to relevant R and D with a short lead time

Will it help to have a Ministry for Innovation

How can we ensure accountability of the Ministries

This is the first time that capability, confidence and past performance of persons have been matched with the ministry

Will elite institutions of higher learning play a role in policy-making

Does education require better filters or processes -- Example of Maharashtra

Cultural anecdote of doing what the client says even if it is wrong

First 18 years of IT industry saw growth because we delighted the customers, but now the industry has to move from efficiency to enhancement and transformation

We need to move from IQ-based to EQ-based hiring to get out of groupthink

Is groupthink an issue in the non-IT industries too

IT industry should stop looking to the Government constantly for sops

There are signs that our IT enterprises can go up on the value chain

Among the ills of the investment community are the continual worries about attrition rates and exchange fluctuations

Media coverage during boom and downturn

Macro issues of moving the country to better levels of infrastructure and education, rather than be preoccupied with stimulus for the short and medium term

Better and more timely data can improve the quality of policy making

Is the stock market Sensex an indicator of economy

Funding is a constraint for start-ups, not for established companies

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