Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A. Narayanan

A. Narayanan, Founder CEO, eUdyog.com, Chennai
May 19, 2009, 1 pm

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Murali said...

A. Narayanan, Co-Founder of eUdyog.com, an innovative B2C platform designed for the Indian Job market has over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. He is an alumunus of Anna University and University of South Florida - Tampa having taken degrees in Computer Applications and Computer Science respectively from them.

He started his career with Precision Systems in Clear Water - Florida, USA. Subsequently, he joined Wipro Technologies (then known as Wipro Systems) at Bangalore in 1992. He has been associated with the Talent Acquisiton programs of leading Indian organizations since 1994.

eUdyog.com, is an innovative B2C platform designed for the Indian Job Market.

On the supply side, the uniqueness about the solution lies in the fact that it offers privacy to job seekers. As part of registration job seekers need not share any personally identifiable information about them (not even their name) while registering. They describe themselves in terms of education, experience, industry, skills and their email id. Once they register, the search and match engine shows a list of current jobs which are matching the job seeker. In addition, as and when a new matching job comes up, the job seeker is alerted through an email.

On the demand side, organizations who sign up with eUdyog can compose an advertisement and are empowered by the solution to decide the target audience to whom this advertisement has to be shared with.

In short, eUdyog is an efficient way for employers to directly reach out the target audience.

The strategic advantages that the solution brings to recruitment are:

1. By introducing “Remain Invisible” feature, eUdyog is able to attract Quality and Senior Talent who otherwise would have to be head hunted.
2. As a policy, eUdyog allows job advertisements only from “Direct Employers” there by building higher level of credibility with job seekers.
3. It helps to attract the passive job seekers.
4. There is a significant reduction in the cost per hire for organizations due to the PUSH model of the solution.
Source: Hareenishree hareeni@corporatechimes.com