Saturday, December 13, 2008

N. M. Habibullah - Videos

Remembering my teacher

A book on 'self-confidence' that changed me

Reading a book on social history of India

Sincerity is what I look for in a new recruit

Time management tips

I have been practising yoga since the age of 15, and I am now 92

Story of 'Runner Parthasarathy' (narrated by Dr G. Sundaram)

Memories of fleeing from Burma to India

It was intuition that guided me to begin business in India

Generally I do not get angry

Investments are in manufacturing wedding cards

Family expenditure has been sparse, not extravagant

My children

Views about the young generation

What is worrying about the young

Why do many bright young people leave India

Views on corruption (Dr G. Sundaram)

Increasing opportunities in India for the young

Earnestness should be combined with collaboration and teamwork

Success in life comes from cooperation

My definition of values (H. Noor Mohamed, son of Habibullah)

Duties of individuals

I resolve conflicts by pacifying the people

What do I do when travelling

Any work taken up should be finished

I watch the stock market

God is everywhere, and there is no need for fighting

Fighting in the name of God is illegal

Let people move about in the world without hurdles

I am a servant

General remarks

Advice for family businesses

Tips for entrepreneurs

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