Monday, May 18, 2009

Mehmet Gökay Üstün - Videos

Turkey's place in the world economy
Venue for peace talks

Where investment flows from

Access to multiple markets

Turkey as an energy corridor and terminal

Structural reforms in Turkey

Power sector in Turkey

It is a system that can counter corruption

Trade in agricultural products

Investment in farms

Indian Oil, GMR, Tafe -- examples of Indian businesses in Turkey

Emphasis on sectors such as automotive, pharma, chemicals, iron and steel, transportation, IT, energy, and biosciences

Attracting FDI, a top priority area that gets the direct attention of the Prime Minister

How easy is it to get land for new industry

Different packages for different tourists

First player advantage…

Exporters use euro as the currency of denomination

On dollar …

Tender process, something unique in Turkey

Proliferation of TV and radio channels, with Turkish as the predominant language

English skills in the country

Is Turkish a tough language to learn

An amalgamation of cultures that has happened over time, in Turkey

Turks usually return to the country after completing studies abroad

NIIT has an agreement with a Turkish university

Turkish workers in other countries who can be invited to set up services in Turkey

A Turkish company working on the Mumbai airport

Successful Turks at the top of companies -- Coca-Cola, Toyota

Advantage of Turkey to manufacture long products with scrap

Advantage of Turkey to manufacture long products with scrap

Is there any impact of the economic meltdown

How the Government has been raising funding

Literacy rate, and family system in the country

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