Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kannan and Tapan - Videos

Writing a management book (Tapan)

Impact of economic crisis (Kannan)

Education is reasonably recession-proof (Kannan)

Need for financial literacy (Kannan)

Indian education requires branding (Tapan)

On synergy between technology and institutions of higher learning (Tapan)

Funding for e-learning courses (Tapan)

Level of interactivity increased by technology (Tapan)

E-learning through mobile (Kannan)

Combination of synchronous and asynchronous mode of learning will be the future (Kannan)

Remembering my teacher (Tapan)

Community website as a lounge (Tapan)

Remembering my teacher (Kannan)

E-learning to connect the masses with teachers who are the originators of ideas (Kannan)

Learning centres can also become originators of ideas (Kannan)

Virtual B-school positioned as an enabling school (Tapan)

Market is flooded with plain vanilla MBA programmes (Tapan)

Investor interest in education (Kannan)

On acquisitions (Kannan)

Co-branded exercise with university (Tapan)

Presence in rural and non-urban areas (Kannan)

Rural student vs urban student (Kannan)

Scope for rural tourism (Tapan)

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