Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eliyahu M. Goldratt - Videos

We have presumed that financial meltdown has led to economic meltdown

A story of panic reaction

Snowball effect from retailers to manufacturing

Cause-and-effect reasoning is lacking

Reason why car sales and real estate transactions dropped

Bank lending rates continue to be high

Is it worth investing in subprime

Making a point…

Turkey for Thanksgiving -- an analogy

What we saw in Wall Street was a Russian Roulette

We will not remember this 'recession' ten years from now

Easy life vs Meaningful life

All the money that disappeared was funny money

Just because of a rumour a stable system can go into oscillations

Newspapers are supposed to do analysis, not run with the lemmings

Not the reporters, but the journalists should have been giving us studied opinion

Layoffs have become acceptable as responsible behaviour

Order coming back…

Obama is not addressing the real problems

We have a training system, not an education system

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