Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dr K. Mathangi Ramakrishnan - Videos

To bring a deformed person back to society is a challenge

Gujaratis and Muslims are generous

People are ready to help, at all levels, and that can make life better for the affected

Employers are sensitive to the needs of the deformed and assign appropriate jobs, but women undergo a lot of difficulties

Most children with deformities are able to study in normal schools

What Abdul Kalam told me when he gave me the award

Financially one may not become as rich by treating burns victims, as in the case of cosmetic surgery

Situations when facelift becomes necessary

More than vanity, cosmetic surgery is at times a necessity -- Example of hair transplant

Terminology problems in insurance industry

Affordability of deformity surgery

Education in plastic surgery, and it is not capital intensive

Research is mainly on skin replacement

Scar prevention is an area where research is on

Skin banks, the global practices

The Kumbakonam fire tragedy

Protocols for first-aid in the case of burns

An unforgettable experience

Burns, a painful way to die

The world is aghast at self-immolation in India

The so-called dowry deaths

Building awareness about burns in schools

Not advisable to wrongly portray fire in movies

The mind of a criminal who uses fire as the weapon

Religious practices leading to burns -- Example of fire-walking

How cracker industry can label the products responsibly

Regulations required for crackers

Products from the Burns Association of India - Apron for housewives

We need complete statistics of burns across the country, to construct a registry

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