Friday, May 1, 2009

A. C. Fernando - Videos

Book on 'Business Ethics' is part of ethical trilogy, along with books on corporate governance and CSR

The book on 'Corporate Governance' prescribed in management courses

Risk involved in selecting companies for awards

Religious society vs Corporate enterprise

We have not imbibed the kind of culture that a corporate body should have

Corporate greed and individual greed are the main causes behind major scams

By and large people are honest, and aberrations happen when people become self-centred

Individuals as icons of corporates

People do not normally challenge the leader -- an example

It requires a tremendous amount of moral strength to question authority

Practices within companies to encourage questioning

Undergraduate students ask questions without fear, but not so the postgraduate students

Should organisations foster fearlessness among employees

Top management should pay greater attention to the recruitment process

When coming for campus recruitment, companies try to communicate the values they stand for

Over time, organisations develop a culture and whoever comes in tries to follow that culture

Safety net that the present generation has can make risk-taking less tough

Views about the younger generation

Barriers that used to divide people are slowly disappearing, but politics is bringing back some of the negatives

Remembering my teacher

If the quality of teaching cannot be improved there is no way we can inspire students

Role of B-schools in improving corporate governance and business ethics

Exposing students to current affairs and social awareness

Do something creative and purposeful

I don't find any generation gap

There are individual role-models in every field of human endeavour

Writing a book on 'economic environment of business'

Good idea to put together questions that students ask

Author reading the book (a snatch)

Economics vs Morals

How about a code of corporate governance based on Indian wisdom

Areas where business media can do better

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