Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bosskey - Videos

Origin of the tonsured head, as a style

Best director award should be given to Ramalinga Raju

Interested in sports and cinema, not politics

Celebrities showing middle finger after having cast their vote

Comedy that many people were not in the voters list

Varied news about Prabhakaran

We need a greater acceptance of political criticism

CSK has become Chennai Sodhappal Kings

T-20 matches do not require cinematic entertainment

Way ahead for T-20

T-20 demands top fitness

SRK, the Sorrow Khan, should concentrate on movies

What attracts ladies to cricket

Some of the owners require a guide to interpret cricket

Observations about Preity Zinta

Sachin is good as a player, not as a captain

Dramatics by Sachin Tendulkar

Instances when the match retained thrill till the end

Ability to play in crisis situations came under test

Watch the dance of Sreesanth

Is a net required for protecting spectators from sixers

Venue of match is not material, because most of us watch the TV

IPL will come back here if elections go to South Africa

Why is cricket so popular

Women's cricket is like men dancing bharatanatyam

Good commentators make cricket interesting

Any analysis should be understandable by common man

Kumble, Dhoni, Sachin -- post-match comments

How Sreesanth, Harbhajan celebrate

Show the anger in the bat

Make hay while the sun shines -- commercialisation of cricket

How will the next edition of IPL be

IPL matches vs mega serials

All mothers want their sons to become Sachin Tendulkar

Hype about Sania Mirza

Who is the real Bosskey -- the cricketer and the critic

I admire Kamal, yet I criticise him

Slumdog Millionaire elevates the image of India

Today's youngsters are highly talented, but they lose heart when faced with failure

At times intelligent people turn criminals

We are egoistic, not humble, and not keen on learning

A standard question is about my head

Why am I not so visible in movies

On comedy in movies

Is there too much violence in cartoons

Humans vs Animals

Excessive violence in movies

Movies reflect what is happening in the society

Are women portrayed in the right manner by the electronic media

One hour of newspaper reading everyday, to convert current affairs into humour

Do I need a disciple to record what I say

Dream developments in technology

I write by hand, rather than depend on technology

I can write anywhere, any time, despite outside conditions

What makes me tick -- God's grace, and Madan

Humour is wrongly understood to be only mimicry

Originality should be valued

Writer Sujata, a reminiscence

Humour has to be intellectual, subtle and visual

Commentators are facing competition from cricketers

Media should avoid sensationalism, and also extremes

Business proposals that people bring up to me

Greed drives the trading mania among many people

Luck, instead of intelligence, becomes relevant in stock trading

Academic interest in astrology

Argument that atheists pose

Entrepreneurial ideas come to the fore in crunch situations

Outlook for India is very positive

Cows on the road, so what

Those who cannot survive in India cannot survive elsewhere

How corruption hits the public

Future plans -- going global, directing a comedy film

Idea for a book that I'll write

I'd like all the heroes in the cine field and cricketers to come and rip me apart

Can jokes be categorised

If teachers are humorous, education will be fun

Where is the joke factory, is there a hotspot

How to view crisis from a lighter perspective

Advice for youngsters who are searching for job

Accept whatever job that the situation warrants

College scenes are exaggerated in movies

Movies should go close to reality and then incorporate comedy

South India still has narrow-mindedness

Remembering my teacher

One most valuable work lesson -- from IOB

A favourite phrase for many is, 'On the way'

Those who say 'no time' create time only when there is a crisis

Intuition at work

Anger management

Relive positive experience when angry

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