Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bala V. Balachandran - Videos

When job is a joy, five years, ten years seem like yesterday

I want to make this a top school by cultivating entrepreneurial minds

Uncle Bala, close to students

Advice for students on personal matters too -- example of marriage strategy

Nobility, humility and magnanimity are more important the higher the talent

How we brought into the campus the best of talent at affordable cost

Compacting the course to one year, a model that was criticised initially

We will be constantly revising our curriculum -- example of a programme on energy management

Bala, the actor

Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs -- a new school along with Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Impact of poor economy on B-schools

Investing time and money into the institution

The Roman Amphitheatre look, Green focus, Energy efficiency, student facilities better than three-star hotel in the 20-acre campus

Entrepreneurship coming up around the campus, in the Manamai village

Customised MDP for corporates

SWIM (Successful Women In Management), Yoga, Meditation -- for TQP, a Total Quality Person for soul leadership

Three-week intensive programme for people at large, and four-week advanced executive programme for MBAs and CEOs

Special facilities in the classroom for advanced executive programme

Jimmy Carter was enamoured by the Karma Yoga project of Great Lakes

Remembering my teacher

One good thing about the new generation

Ganesh, the ultimate CEO

Succession plan communicated to the Board

Lalu's success as the Railways Minister

Writing a case study with Prem Chand Gupta, on Satyam and Enron, to be finished by May 31

Independent directors on company boards

Standards necessary for independent directors

Strategic Profitability Management, Indian Business Leaders -- two books I am working on -- and articles, including SAILS

Students who want to write a book on Bala

A three-line wish (in Tamil)

Vazhga valamudan, valarga vadivudan, thigazhga dhidamudan -- explained

Already a swami, heading to become Balachandrananda

Views on Indian politics

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