Monday, March 9, 2009

Annie Jacob - Videos

Top challenges as the administrator

It is a matter of great concern to students that most companies have frozen their recruitment

Advising students about how to select job offers

Worries of students who are put on bench immediately after recruitment

Relevance of post-graduate specialisations

My research on how students' aptitude and aspiration are not given importance by parents when choosing the engineering course

Need for a conscious thought process before decision-making

Person who comes with a positive attitude can take any responsibility

Rapport between students and faculty

As a society we overlook many factors about the young

How to bring about a change

Freedom given to faculty

Autobiography of founder

Industry-academia interaction

Feasibility of students' ideas about practical problems can be scrutinised by the industry

Is technology a boon for students

Prioritising tasks

Fitness awareness growing

My focus is on strategy

Culture management within campus

Takeaways from campus life

Full-time vs Part-time management programmes

Time spent listening

Test of a campus' performance

Students who come up with ideas need the guidance of faculty

How I resolve conflicts

We are a learning organisation, at all levels

An increasing number of women choosing technical education

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