Monday, May 18, 2009

Amit Varma - Videos

Four things that blogging taught me about writing

Cover design came up through a contest on the blog

The lizard in the book is the autobiographical element

Why I stopped writing columns, when I began writing the novel

Blogging never came in the way of writing the novel

Is writing an act of inspiration, or a lot of hard work

Self belief vs Self delusion

We don't have an ecosystem that nurtures English writers

We are a schizophrenic society

I am a bit cynical about the emerging political scene

Social networking space provides an interesting exercise in transparency

RTI is a great step, but it can be taken forward by making information available freely on the Net

Indian journalism is still at a nascent stage

With TVs providing 'breaking news' the function of newspapers may have to change

Responsibility comes with the realisation that one writes for posterity

Too often news headlines are full of opinion

Is there a hunger for news content that goes beyond the superficial

Newspaper industry in the cusp of change, with global newspapers taking a beating

Author reading the book

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