Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 2009 appointments

May 2009

1 - *N. Muthuraman – 1 pm Videos
2 -
3 -
4 – Manohar $$; Saurabh $$; *T. K. Vadivel Pillai - 4 pm Videos
5 - *Kumar Vembu – 1 pm Videos
6 - *Chandrashekar Kupperi – 1 pm Videos
7 –
8 - *Himanshu Chakrawarti - 12 noon Videos; *Kiruba Shankar – 1 pm Videos; *Prasad Ram - 4 pm Videos
9 –
10 - *Sai Bhajans, Sundaram - 6 pm Videos
11 - *T. N. Manoharan - 12.30 pm Videos; Harish Kumar (?) – 1 pm
12 - *Jeffrey Archer - 10.30 am Videos; *Vijay Kapoor – 1 pm Videos; Landmark - 8 pm Videos; *S. Vaidyanathan - 8 pm Videos; *Archer speech - 8 pm
13 - Sury Balasubramanian – 1 pm (Resch.) (?)
14 – *Challa Sumedh Reddy - 1 pm Videos
15 - *Achchamundu Achchamundu - Audio and Trailer launch - 9 am; Cheyon - 12.30 pm (?); *Chitra Ravi - 4 pm Videos
16 - Sriram V - 1 pm (Resch. 27)
17 - *Arun Vaidyanathan - 10 am Videos; *S. Rajaram - 1.30 pm Videos
18 - *Amit Varma - 10 am Videos; *Rajendran Dandapani - 1 pm Videos; Perumal Samy Srinivasan - 4.30 pm (?); Hachette/Landmark - 6.30 pm (?)
19 - *A. Narayanan - 1 pm Videos; *Prashant Srivastava - 4 pm
20 - AMD - 10 am (?); Muthu Logan - 1 pm (?)
21 - *Mohan Narayanan- 10.30 am; *Sujit Sircar - 2.30 pm; Symantec (?)
22 - *Muthu Logan - 11 am; *R. Ramaraj - 1 pm; *Aditya Saxena - 6 pm
23 - *C.P. Madhusudan - 10 am; *Rajiv Rajgopal - 1 pm; Sury $$
24 - *Bosskey - 4 pm
25 - *IFC event - 2 pm (Bangalore)
26 - *Partha Iyengar-9.30 am; *Padmini Ramesh, Wilja C. G. Witcombe - 1 pm
27 - *Rowena OUP - 11 am; *Sriram V - 1 pm
28 - *Christie Cherian - 1 pm; *Alamuri Sitaramaiah - 4.30 pm
29 - *V Raja - 10 am; *Kumar Kandaswami - 1 pm
30 - *Mayur Abhaya - 1 pm; *Gopal Balaji, *Arun Vaidyanathan, *Perumal Samy Srinivasan - 4 pm
31 - N. S. Siddharthan - 4 pm (?); *Vijay Madhavan - 4 pm
(* means 'met/spoke'; $$ Awaiting confirmation; ? Didn't happen)

Vijay Madhavan

Vijay Madhavan, Bharathanatyam exponent, Founder, Rechita Nruthyalaya, Chennai
May 31, 2009, 4 pm (Nageswara Rao Park)

Vijay Madhavan - Videos

The goal of excelling further is constant in the mind of any artiste

Bhagavata Mela in Melattur at the Varadaraja Perumal sannidhi, a tradition that is more than two centuries old

Prahalada Charithram and Harishchandra -- two major plays during the mela

My role as Bhoomi Devi who protects Prahalada when he is pushed from the mountain

Is the message of Bhagavatam relevant now

When did I start dancing

Being a male dancer in an otherwise predominantly female art form

Inherent drive is important for successful artistes

A recent performance on the six cults of worship through the works of Bharatiyar

Mela Chakram, a challenging production in dance form

Research that I do for the thematic dance projects

Siva in Bharatiyar's works

Kullachami description by Bharatiyar -- adoption in the dance

Muruga, Surya, Shakti, Siva, Krishna in the works of Bharatiyar

Some of the unforgettable performances

Exposure to dance forms from other parts of the country, in addition to Bharathanatyam

Dance students in the North vs South

Let not parents consider dance to be a Board exam

The mood before the curtain goes up

As an artiste I am never satisfied with the performance

How to handle negative criticism

Creative elements that are incorporated in the framework

Remembering my teacher

My school, Rechita Nruthyalaya, to teach pure Bharathanatyam

Presentations about Bharathanatyam to foreign audience

Observations about media coverage of Bharathanatyam

Advice for journalists aspiring to write about Bharathanatyam

Bhakti bhava in Bharathanatyam vs Hindustani style

On pursuing Bharathanatyam part-time, along with job

How can corporates support Bharathanatyam

Bharathanatyam is presented very badly in popular cinema

Television can aid the growth of the Bharathanatyam art form

Choreography in films is only decades old, compared to ancient choreography of Bharathanatyam

Grammar of dance handed down by Bharathanatyam vs Western form

You can learn Western art forms to appreciate dance

You can't be predictive about creative energy

Ingredients of creativity

All of your experiences and imagination come into your choreography

Even most of the sthayi-based abhinayas have become rare in Bharathanatyam programmes these days

Role of props in Bharathanatyam performances

Instances where Bharathanatyam becomes part of a grander drama

Does Bharathanatyam find presence in schools

Why is Bharathanatyam not often visible in wedding reception events

Classical dance art form programmes in corporate campuses

Bharathanatyam instead of aerobics

Does Bharathanatyam have the potential to replace gyms

Do urban centres miss events such as Bhagavata mela

Bharathanatyam in rural areas

Dance in public places such as parks

Tip for anger management

N. S. Siddharthan

N. S. Siddharthan, Hon Professor of Economics, Madras School of Economics and Hon Director, Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing, Chennai (
May 31, 2009, 4 pm (?)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gopal Balaji

Gopal Balaji, Digital Cinema Consultant, Chennai (
May 30, 2009, 4 pm

Perumal Samy Srinivasan

Perumal Samy Srinivasan, Managing Director, Pi Phenomenon Pictures, US (
May 18, 2009, 4.30 pm (Resch. May 30, 4 pm) Earlier meeting

Perumal Samy Srinivasan - Videos

Why is Tamil cinema not getting to the global platform

Ethnic content has a definite market


Songs are integral to life and the then cinema

Source of ethnic content is very much from life -- an anecdote

Being true to the content is the grammar of film-making

Next movie to be in English, to be shot in Malaysia

Reminiscing the days in the Film Institute

How good is film-making education in India

Gopal Balaji - Videos

Evolution of digital cinema camera technology

Traditional vs digital film-making

How I was drawn into digital cinema technology

Educational content about digital cinema work-flow in my site

Current projects with Red One camera

Worked with PC Sriram for Margazhi Raagam, the first musical feature film shot with seven Red cameras in two days

Use of Red One camera along with traditional techniques

Factors behind the choice of using Red One camera

Elaborate lab and process work not required when using Red One for movie making

Mayur Abhaya

Mayur Abhaya, Executive Director, LifeCell International
May 30, 2009, 1 pm
Mayur Abhaya

Mayur Abhaya - Videos

Where is stem cell industry heading to

Globally, stem cell work is getting funds, and support

Bone marrow registry required in the country

Stem cell centre in Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre

Risk of infection for cancer patients

Air control systems, and filters to ensure clean air

More than 50 per cent of surgical procedures are expected to involve stem cell therapy

Government initiatives in stem cell sector

Biotechnology as a study option for students

Industry-academia interaction for stem cell study

Regulations and guidelines need to be in place for stem cell industry

Mergers and acquisitions in the stem cell industry

Hospitals partnering with the industry, for stem cell clinical trials

Menstrual blood stem cell banking to be launched from July

Other countries where menstrual blood stem cell banking has been launched

Research about menstrual blood stem cells

Awareness of stem cell is wide, owing to media coverage

Indian journals carry articles about stem cell research, and this can be reported in mainstream media too

Views about the young generation

Once you empower people, they deliver

Working in the family business

Governance system should be in place for family businesses

Professional CEOs in family businesses

Operations to be set up in Dubai

Funding needs for the company

Is there any impact of slowdown on the industry

Breakthrough research, and medical tourism, in China

Medical benefit advertisements should be regulated

Are doctors receptive to stem cell therapy

When do patients choose stem cell therapy

Experience sharing by people who have benefited from stem cell therapy

Insurance cover for stem cell therapy

How can public cord blood banks be strengthened by donors

Comparisons between traditional blood bank and cord blood bank

Success stories of cord blood banking

Corporates can promote cord blood banking among employees

Percentage of cord blood banked and preserved, across the world

Relevance of stem cell therapy for rural areas

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kumar Kandaswami

Kumar Kandaswami, Senior Director, and Country Manufacturing Industry Leader, Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu India P Ltd, Chennai
May 29, 2009, 1 pm
Kumar Kandaswami

Kumar Kandaswami - Videos

Views about our education system

Practical exposure immensely helps students in gaining real-life perspective

Peer pressure comes in the way of job choice

Recession is opening the eyes of people to appropriate career options, such as manufacturing

When manufacturing gets glamorous, media will talk about it

Attitude towards manufacturing in the US, Europe, and India

Practice of getting workers' families, and students, to the shop-floor

Many manufacturing enterprises have the potential to improve their profits by 20 to 30 per cent without further investments

Scope for improving the supply chain which leads agricultural produce to manufacturing

Survey of companies based on supply chain complexity, and maturity of supply chain processes

How much can you keep chopping off from your supply chain

Governmental interventions required for improving the agricultural produce realisations

How wastage can be reduced in agriculture (M.J. Prabu participates in the discussion)

Communication skills required in manufacturing

Maintenance job can do with a little more spotlight in manufacturing

Importance of relationship in consulting

Learnability is a key requisite in a consultant

Continue to learn even as you grow old

Trying out multiple initiatives and consultants can lead to fatigue within the organisation

Cocktail circuit motivation may lack objective and end up as a disaster

Thought from a book -- about defining a business as a mature one

Planned cost decline model, coupled with newer products in the manufacturing portfolio

Thoughts about the future direction for automotive component industry

Huge automated factories are the China model, and India may prefer flexible, small-lot, fairly complex manufacturing

Manufacturing gets the wrong end of the stick during economic cycles, but there are also many opportunities

Outlook on consolidation, globally and in India

R and D is extremely important in manufacturing

Demand creation can help more than sops and stimulus packages

Green has to be a little better than fashionable

Cost of democracy, when doing business in India

High cost of logistics due to inefficiencies impacts our competitiveness

Mindless capacity creation in boom times -- Example of textile industry

Potential for the power industry

Manufacturing activities in rural areas

Clusters in manufacturing

Does manufacturing attract enough entrepreneurship

Observations about wind power

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alamuri Sitaramaiah

Alamuri Sitaramaiah, General Manager-Sales, Fluke Networks, India
May 28, 2009, 4.30 pm
Alamuri Sitaramaiah

Christie Cherian

Christie Cherian, Managing Director, Red Sky Property Services, India
May 28, 2009, 1 pm

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sriram V

Sriram V, Author, 'Carnatic Summer: Lives Of Twenty Great Exponents'
May 16, 2009, 1 pm (Resch. May 27)
Sriram V

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dr K. Mathangi Ramakrishnan - Videos

To bring a deformed person back to society is a challenge

Gujaratis and Muslims are generous

People are ready to help, at all levels, and that can make life better for the affected

Employers are sensitive to the needs of the deformed and assign appropriate jobs, but women undergo a lot of difficulties

Most children with deformities are able to study in normal schools

What Abdul Kalam told me when he gave me the award

Financially one may not become as rich by treating burns victims, as in the case of cosmetic surgery

Situations when facelift becomes necessary

More than vanity, cosmetic surgery is at times a necessity -- Example of hair transplant

Terminology problems in insurance industry

Affordability of deformity surgery

Education in plastic surgery, and it is not capital intensive

Research is mainly on skin replacement

Scar prevention is an area where research is on

Skin banks, the global practices

The Kumbakonam fire tragedy

Protocols for first-aid in the case of burns

An unforgettable experience

Burns, a painful way to die

The world is aghast at self-immolation in India

The so-called dowry deaths

Building awareness about burns in schools

Not advisable to wrongly portray fire in movies

The mind of a criminal who uses fire as the weapon

Religious practices leading to burns -- Example of fire-walking

How cracker industry can label the products responsibly

Regulations required for crackers

Products from the Burns Association of India - Apron for housewives

We need complete statistics of burns across the country, to construct a registry

Padmini Ramesh, Wilja C. G. Witcombe

Padmini Ramesh and Wilja C. G. Witcombe, Pranic Healing Home, Chennai (
May 26, 2009, 1 pm

Padmini Ramesh, Wilja C. G. Witcombe - Videos

Two books on reincarnation

Split soul - Example from book

The idea of reincarnation is natural for India

Flashbacks, dreams, bumping into people who seem familiar, scientific proof through DNA matching

Focus on your strengths to make the present lifetime better

Experience at the conference -- cases of reincarnation that were discussed

Strong opinions become redundant when one appreciates the reincarnation phenomenon

Meeting Wilja

The journey from Germany to Sri Lanka, and the re-discovery of an ancient king

Research that the author did for tracing back to the Ceylon king who brought great spiritual revolution by introducing Buddhism

Peace Project

Finding stewards to negotiate peace, through reincarnation research

Emperor Ashoka must be back again, so why not join hands

What did the king do after his son died

What did the king do after his son died

Partha Iyengar

Partha Iyengar, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, Pune (
May 26, 2009, 9.30 am (Taj Cor)

Partha Iyengar - Videos


Two critical areas for the Government -- Infrastructure and education

IT industry can be successful regardless of who the Minister is

Infrastructure development should go beyond Tier-1 cities

In addition to the Government and private enterprise, we need global players in the development of infrastructure

Propping up unviable companies with tax incentives is a wrong move

Predictability of regulations, transparency -- these can attract global investors to India

Does the infrastructure industry require a regulator

Connectivity through road and air influences industry location

There will be pockets in the country that will be the wrong environment for investors

On the comment by Minister, 'Don't set up industry here because there is no power'

We need clarity about SEZ (special economic zone)

Will India rise in the doing business rankings

Entrepreneurs should think big, rather than think of bootstrapping

Productive model of industry-academia interaction, moving from blue-sky research to relevant R and D with a short lead time

Will it help to have a Ministry for Innovation

How can we ensure accountability of the Ministries

This is the first time that capability, confidence and past performance of persons have been matched with the ministry

Will elite institutions of higher learning play a role in policy-making

Does education require better filters or processes -- Example of Maharashtra

Cultural anecdote of doing what the client says even if it is wrong

First 18 years of IT industry saw growth because we delighted the customers, but now the industry has to move from efficiency to enhancement and transformation

We need to move from IQ-based to EQ-based hiring to get out of groupthink

Is groupthink an issue in the non-IT industries too

IT industry should stop looking to the Government constantly for sops

There are signs that our IT enterprises can go up on the value chain

Among the ills of the investment community are the continual worries about attrition rates and exchange fluctuations

Media coverage during boom and downturn

Macro issues of moving the country to better levels of infrastructure and education, rather than be preoccupied with stimulus for the short and medium term

Better and more timely data can improve the quality of policy making

Is the stock market Sensex an indicator of economy

Funding is a constraint for start-ups, not for established companies

Monday, May 25, 2009

IFC - Videos

Toxic assets discussion opens

Compared to foreign banks, Indian banks are in a better shape

Banks are paying attention to AML (anti money laundering) solutions
KYC (know your customer) and AML are interlinked

How customers benefit from bank automation

Banks consider the payback period when deciding on the CBS (core banking solution)

Is there a separate technology solution for rural banking

Performance of payment gateways has improved

Technology used in banks can track suspicious transactions and trigger action
Banks can track the IP of users

Is there a separate technology solution for rural banking

Performance of payment gateways has improved

Technology used in banks can track suspicious transactions and trigger action

Banks can track the IP of users

On mobile banking

Stanley-Opening remarks

Neil-I foresee the growth of knowledge-intensive industries

Neil-On the objective of the book
Neil-Additional data points from the developments in recent years

Neil-We are trying to understand how an industry begins from nowhere and achieves a global status

Neil-Export strategy of IT has to be more balanced geographically

Neil-IT services vs BPO

Neil-Going up the value chain is a natural progression
Neil-Quality of management is a key difference between India and China

Stanley-Indian managers are more articulate, with a greater outward orientation, than in the case of China

Stanley-Indian students and employees have no reluctance to relocate geographically

Neil-NRI investment in India is relatively low

Neil-Importance of catering to domestic market

Stanley-Observations about the domestic market behaviour in India and China

Stanley-Book launch events at other places

Neil-Interest of the US audience in India and China

Neil-The big challenge now is SME development

Neil-Among exciting areas of research is the integration of the poor in the market economy

Neil-Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid, not just the market, but as suppliers, too

Neil-During the upswing of the economic cycle, the relevance of institutions is not appreciated

Neil-Huge gaps in the Indian society

Neil-Corporate governance and survival

Ramaswamy-SEZs (special economic zones) became land business, and that has to change

Ramaswamy-What should be the ideal size for SEZ

Ramaswamy-Infrastructure is the best tool to pry open the economy and combat slowdown

Ramaswamy-Once the regulators are appointed for infrastructure, transparency and closure will improve

Ramaswamy-Infrastructure development has to ensure the rural connect

Ramaswamy-With greater mechanisation in infrastructure development, do we end up with poor job growth

Ramaswamy-Toll model can succeed if the project is fast-tracked
Ramaswamy-Delhi Metro was well-planned

Partho-Only when innovation economics works, sustainable development is possible

Philip-All admissions are merit-based, and the genders are equally represented

Philip-Among management schools, XIME is the first to start a one-year construction management programme for engineers
Aroon-Exprience of setting up manufacturing facility in China

Pankaj-Forthcoming study on the role of clusters in the performance of IT and hardware firms

IFC event

IFC-Panel discussion and book launch 'New Industries from New Places' (Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore),
May 25, 2009, 2 pm

Neil Gregory

Stanley D. Nollen

Sunday, May 24, 2009


May 24, 2009, 4 pm (Nageswara Park) Topics

Bosskey - Videos More

Give up arguments if you value relationships

How should film reviews be

Views about the young generation

Do we need more venues for playing

Exercise should be done at the right venue

Serious co-traveller -- an anecdote

Theatres may have to slash rates to lure the public to movies

Right way of introducing laughter in the programme

You cannot take the audience for granted

Sabhas are not patronising comedy dramas

What children can learn from dramas

The anti-hero role that I like

Organisations should identify original ideas

Stress-relief for executives, with work as the undercurrent

People who do not like Bosskey

What one should learn from Rajnikanth

Statistics can be misleading

South Indian film industry has extraordinary talent, but the output can have better content

North Indian heroes present themselves better

Humour in other languages

Avoid English put-on and use Tamil in normal manner

Is Madras Tamil still alive

Does Madras Tamil get its due air-time

A dialogue in Madras Tamil -- the first one that I heard

Philosophy in Madras Tamil -- the skeleton dance

Cricket situation in Madras Tamil -- commentary

When was Bosskey born

My favourite today is Deccan Chargers