Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sneha Krishnan - Videos

E4SI's fellowship programme to link engineering talent with social enterprises

Next year, E4SI will open its fellowships to all engineering colleges

End of internship will be followed by a leadership workshop in ISB

Interaction with thought leaders for interns

What can be the social enterprises that can be successful business models

Procedure for application and the process of selection for fellowships

Challenges in social entrepreneurship that people can overcome with E4SI's help

Why are internships restricted only to engineering students

My webzine, Sa, on feminism -

Women in general are brought up to be passive in almost every country

Can campuses help in creating feminism awareness

We are so used to hearing and making anti-feminist comments and sexist statements

Advertisements that talk about saving for daughter's marriage and son's higher education

Feminism is for equal consideration of women, it is not anti-men

Does technology help feminism

What can men at home do, with a greater awareness of feminism

Sa Forum, to bring women together and give them space

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