Friday, April 17, 2009

Samiulla Baig - Videos

Looking at doubling the revenue from the international stream

Bringing to India international qualification at affordable price

Impact of global meltdown on our working pattern

Findings of the research on employment skills in 25 countries

Bangladesh Studies, and programmes in Gujarati and Tamil -- examples of localisation

We don't charge any affiliation fees in India

Train the Trainer programme to create a pool of teachers

How do we mark our 9.4 million scripts

Main challenge in vocation education -- Yuvraj Singh, Regional Development Manager, Edexcel, Delhi

On the role of education in building the future

Portfolio of more than 5000 courses

How do we bring dropouts back into education stream -- skill-based courses

Can corporates fund vocational training of the economically privileged

Developing managerial and team skills

Certification vs qualification

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