Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sajan Poovayya - Videos

With new blood in Karnataka FICCI, we are working closely with Government for the state's development

Does Indian legal system fall short when compared to mature jurisdictions

Is law attracting bright talent

Can LPO also work within the country

Remembering my teacher

Who makes the best fit for the legal profession

Common myths about Indian lawyers

Use of local language in courts will help in justice delivery

Will corporates object to the use of regional language in courts

Dignity of labour, the first lesson to be learnt by a professional

One tip for fitness -- have a rigid schedule for exercising

It is not a lawyer who makes or mars a case

For a lawyer, what is winning and losing

Super-glue for us is the Constitution, which must be taught in schools as the instrument of social change

If only A. R. Rahman can set the Constitution to music

On the literary richness of judgments which can be taken forward by other vehicles of expression

Views on 'trial' by media

The phrase 'sub judice' is often used as a fa├žade or fence to hide behind

Importance of strategy in dispute resolution

Most happening technology issues in India

Legal reforms that are required

Technology should be used for augmenting access to justice delivery

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