Monday, April 6, 2009

S. Vaidhyasubramaniam - Videos

By 2015 we want to be identified as a Research University, rather than a Teaching University

How to promote research

Quality of MBA graduates coming out of our B-Schools - topic of my thesis

Benchmarks for accreditation are minimalist in approach, rather than aiming at world-class

Has education been commercialised

There are many spurious foreign universities operating in the country

We are considering the possibility of setting up a US campus to teach Ayurveda, Astrology, and Values

Should there be engineering courses focusing on rural relevance

Gradually students are paying more attention to campus infrastructure and academic quality than just the fringe benefits

Real value of education is to do a discounted cash flow of future benefits that would arise after passing out of the campus

Popular misconception is that alumni network is a fund-raising activity, and not for constructive purpose

Alumni chapters started both in India and abroad

By 2010 we want to have 2000 Sastra graduates, of 10 years experience, as alumni network

Most valuable work lesson - Nothing is too late, and Nothing is impossible

Giving-up-easily culture has been built into us right from schools

India is rich in social capital, and value-based education is key to sustain this capital

Should we be putting numbers for the social capital, considering the importance of sociology and culture in economic decision-making

Slowdown is a matter of concern to graduating students, but a bigger damage is to shun computer science in panic

Industry bodies such as CII and Nasscom should take the responsibility of informing the public at large about job requirements

Over time companies will be contributing more to campuses, with numerous engineers occupying decision-making positions

Companies are doing real-time recruitment

IT industry has started looking at domestic business

A thought from a book I'm currently reading - 'The Age of Turbulence' by Alan Greenspan

Is the Government handling the economic crisis right, or are the policies too short-term in nature

There is a huge cultural regeneration happening among the young, though this is not captured by the media

Is the society stuck with wrong stereotypes about the young generation

How should the ranking of institutions be done

Tolerance towards a diverse set of views is essential

We have a host of information in our ancient texts and this has to be related to the current context

People with substance should come out and engage in public debate and discourse

Spiritual revival that is now happening is pan religious, and across countries

Despite being part of large social networks, the young are too individualistic, without factoring in the societal considerations

Today's children are intellectually cut off from social and cultural moorings of the neighbourhood

Family functions are good ways to resolve conflicts

Four areas identified for research focus - Nanotechnology, Ayurveda, Advanced Computing, and Integrated Research Park

Faculty can engage in consultancy but not at the cost of teaching and research

Researchers should teach undergraduate students because they are the catchment area for ideas

Senior-most faculty engaging with the junior-most students

Does teaching attract talent of right quality

Can the passion and commitment of a teacher be measured

Do students make the best use of peer-level interaction

Gender equality vs knowledge equality

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