Thursday, November 6, 2008

S. Sundar Rajan - Videos

My journey in CA career

Building systems and procedures for companies

Things don't stop just with the ledgers or books

Fixed asset verification for a power plant on a floating dock

Depreciation computation after a part of the machinery is replaced -- a debatable point

CAs can act as catalysts in development work

Approach of auditor has to be like a doctor treating the patient

Concept of Rural Network in which chartered accountants can play a key role along with NGOs

As professionals we can identify our areas of interest and location -- the case of the cycle project

Many opportunities for enterprising professionals in India

Remembering my teacher

After commencing any rural project ensure that it is sustained and continued

How corporates can involve in development work through NGOs

Treat social spending as profit apportionment of corporate, rather than as a tax-saving device

Microfinance has to result in productive use of funds

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