Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ramachandran Narayanaswamy - Videos

Opening remarks

Enterprise data has doubled in the last 18 months

From REC, Trichy to Wipro to MindTree

Raw material for software is people's minds

Remembering my teacher

The 95-95-95 Rule encourages people to ask questions, and also connects and aligns everybody

Myths about IT

Computer science is a glamour subject, India needs all-round growth

Induction of new employees

PAL -- Parent, Anchor, Lead -- concept which recognises that a significant portion of education happens at home

What is often lacking is not ability, but confidence and soft-skills

A school in a rural area -- my dream

How can businesses solve India's growth problems

Shramdhan -- the first step, by taking our skills to solve problems, rather than throwing money

Sabbatical that encourages people to go back to society and make a change

Knowledge Community that allows trying out things, and budgeting for failure through incubator

Strong leader surrounds himself with subject-matter experts and empowers them to take key decisions

Energy initiatives of the storage industry

Do you know how much per capita storage is in the world

A four-line vision we'd started with, and after 10 years we are moving to MindTree 2 dot 0

Observations about the downturn, cycles, and the present turbulent times

Business happens, but relationship remains

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