Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ram Krishnaswamy - Videos

How the idea for the book was born, and I connected with the IITians network

Designing the noise control system for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel was a lot easier than bringing out a book

Whatever brand image IITs now have is what the IITians have achieved over the last about 50 years

Basically life is all about making choices and following one's dreams

What can be the impact of financial meltdown

My stint with the Highways Department and the fight against corruption

Lessons from the Mumbai attack

Lot of scope for renewable energy

Asian Crisis vs Wall Street collapse

New life after I almost died… and now I have lined up many projects to work on

Environment has a huge impact on a child

Is it easy to be an entrepreneur in India

Why are not many inventions happening in India

Too many exams in our education system

How I switched from civil engineering to industrial noise control

Author reading the book (a snatch)

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