Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rajiv Krishnan - Videos

An overview of DDI

How important is India in the enterprise

The dual worry of security and slowdown

Metrics of our performance, in mass-hiring and other assignments

Example of how we ensured the building of an effective team

Impact of global recession on hiring and personnel policies

Recognition of good performance required even in the public sector

Building an enduring organisation requires a clear talent roadmap

Companies with cogent talent management practices have been good at retaining people

Employee referral can be a double-edged route for recruitment

Addressing the woes of our education system

More institutions of higher learning than required

Nurturing talent within the company vs bringing in outside leaders

We tend to think of succession planning at the highest level

Receptivity to feedback helps leaders in making course-correction

We may be lacking in competencies such as collaboration and team-work

Motivation Fit checks if a person is motivated to do a job -- example of call centre employee

Ongoing work is about unravelling the DNA of organisations, by studying the interplay of competencies and personal attributes, as business drivers

Work on behalf of acquiring companies

Having diversity help you globalise faster

Who can be a successful HR person

Enthusiasm, or can-do attitude is important for an employee to succeed

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