Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rajat Banerji - Videos

Growth of Amway in India

Active ingredients of products made in one factory, to ensure uniformity of the final product's quality

Four categories of products, with nutrition and wellness accounting for a major chunk of revenues

Smaller packs and sachets, setting up local offices -- part of Indianisation

Special product offerings for India

Very first product was biodegradable

On regulatory issues faced by the company, owing to lack of clarity in law about direct selling

What questions should consumers ask before buying any product

Economics of direct selling companies vs FMCG players

Common profile of 'business owners'

Communication skills required for selling (Viswanath, Corp Comm Manager - South Operations)

On product education (Viswanath, Corp Comm Manager - South Operations)

How do people connect with ABOs (Viswanath, Corp Comm Manager - South Operations)

Online ordering growing

Brand experience centres offer consultation on nutrition and beauty (Viswanath, Corp Comm Manager - South Operations)

On impact of slowdown on FMCG


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