Sunday, April 19, 2009

Raj Nathan - YouTube links

Remembering my teacher

Research thesis based on my exposure to shop-floor as a mechanical engineering student

What is credibility

Can there be a conflict between an engineer and a marketing professional

Interpersonal and inter-departmental tussles can be resolved if they think two levels above

Proper measurement of risk demands analysing vast amounts of data

Current crisis vs earlier cycle

Tremendous opportunity for IT, because of the greater connectivity, and mobile business growing

Unwired enterprise with three components

Banks in India which use messaging services, analytics servers

Getting all the tasks done

Views about the young generation

With shrunken IT budgets, spending is selective, to derive maximum value

Have the IT systems made managers more productive

Benefit of getting emails on mobile -- to get tasks finished whenever there is time

Push of information is more attractive than pull

Major turning points in our work, over the years

Structuring commonalities between the work of people

Challenges before IT marketing people these days

Today payback period is shorter

Security considerations in enterprise information applications

Is it becoming increasingly expensive to provide information security and privacy

Four legs to being competitive

Working with academia -- sponsored research, scholarship

Research and development work, patents filed from India office

Importance of India and China for Sybase

Both vendor and customer have to work together, to ensure 100 per cent performance

Humans and processes vs systems


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