Saturday, April 4, 2009

R. Sampath - Videos

Challenge is to approach globalisation, from the standpoint of strategy, execution, and risk mitigation

Public policy work of IEEE in California

Are policy-makers in India responsive to professional inputs

Local professional body should move and make things happen in public policy

IEEE's project 'Engineers to Educators' in Orange County

Engineers participating in the educational programmes find the work fulfilling and rewarding

The few engineers and other professionals who see the need to engage in public policy can make the difference

Connected with Mr Manisundaram after many years…

The first step of reaching out to elected officials is the toughest

Student members of IEEE tend to continue the relationship with the community

Engineers see themselves more as specialists rather than as professionals

The more high-tech we go, the more we need high-touch -- a thought from Megatrends

Will the next generation reject technology altogether…

Importance of global perspective

Whole new generation of bright fresh engineers can be made dumb by organisations with entrenched managers

A project in Abu Dhabi to foster entrepreneurial spirit

In their forties people start looking for fresh meaning to life, and explore new careers

India Trade Conference and Asian Global Sourcing Conference

People with passion may often have too strong a sense of ownership to cede even a little bit of control that is necessary for collaboration

What learnings can we get from failed pilots and projects

Being altruistic is good, but objectivity is essential when it comes to execution

Water, power, and basic infrastructure need critical attention and political will

Slums in India, sheer poverty, and lack of sanitation and hygiene are a shocker to foreigners, and these can approached in a modular fashion

Privatisation can help in certain areas

Changes required in engineering education

Are campuses attractive enough for industry to set up research labs in

Lot of talent and brain-power going to waste in academia

Am I part of the brain-drain

Offering 'free' services lowers the bar on people's expectations

On the successful telecom penetration

Mothers know what's good for children, and they are also thrifty

Lot of these bubbles have been beneficial, and there are pockets of opportunities

Great time for companies looking for acquisitions

Are security concerns coming in the way of ecommerce growth

My most valuable work lesson -- it's all about people

How Indian engineers work as team players

The Indian young are more along the lines of the American young from the 1980s or 1990s

This is really our baby boom generation

India vs China

We help companies with their global strategy

Role of video conferencing in education

Impact of the Obama phenomenon

Accessible local role models are essential for the young to live up to their potential and beyond

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