Monday, March 23, 2009

R. Narasimhan - Videos

What the name SMOT stands for

Keep the boss satisfied

Who is the boss

How we screen students for admission

Essential to sensitise students to environmental issues

Job and pay expectations put pressure on education

What is consulting

Consultants with formal consulting inputs can make a difference to clients' businesses

Curriculum tuned to fit the students in a career

Transformation Timeline explained - Foundation, Functional, and Specialisation

Most important challenge is to give a global perspective

Mentored-teaching -- example

Case-based approach not used in all B-schools

Problem-solving skill often gets developed at the cost of holistic understanding

Identifying the problem-maker in a group helps you be prepared

How to prepare a manager face a crisis

There are two breeds of managers

Management education will get transformed if B-schools stop talking about placement statistics

How to achieve fitment of students with industry

Views on economic slowdown

Excellent response to cricket tournament for corporates

International tie-up for faculty, study tour, research

Cross-cultural experience from a Jamaican faculty

Management consulting taught in a virtual classroom

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