Sunday, April 19, 2009

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Customers look at storage space as mission-critical

Preserving digital assets in ruggedised removable disk drive, which can be used as a personal device

Backup data, which can't be deleted, is under continuous data protection

Evolution of backup technology

There are only two vital assets - one is people, the other is data

Disk is becoming a part of backup regime

What makes a backup technology cool and green

Cost per terabyte has fallen and made it affordable for people to store more

Extreme Data Store -- for rich media, Web 2 dot 0-centric applications

As photo-realism increases, file size too gets bigger

Most of online data stored in native format, and data compression used in preserving

Generally as businesses grow, storage needs also scale

Performance of storage, a function of speed of writing and retrieval

Quality of disk drives has improved, with MTBF enhanced

Utility storage model -- to help customers who find it tough to tame data growth

How do organisations ration storage capacity utilisation among employees

Will CD die

Miniaturisation of capacity makes thumb-drive useful

Standardisation in storage technology

With IT budgets under strain, what is keeping CIOs busy is to look for innovative solutions

Consolidation, Virtualisation, Automation -- three ways in which customers try to contain storage costs

Impact of slowdown on HP's business -- volumes and price-points

On a recent acquisition by HP -- LeftHand Networks

E-waste is a matter of concern and there are many initiatives to contain the waste and also salvage better

An acquisition of a storage resource management software company

Is a Storage Administrator's job a non-glamorous one

Does our education system give due importance to storage technology

There is so much need for qualified storage administrators and managers

Digital storage growth vs growth in printed documents

Organisations are trying to tier the data, by associating a business value to stored data

Search technology developments along with storage growth

Three types of data -- structured, unstructured, semi-structured

How much do I spend for disaster recovery preparedness -- a question in every CIO's mind

Do storage managers get to sleep well

Three top demands of customers -- backup time, performance management, business continuity

Remembering my teacher

One favourite activity while travelling


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