Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Phani Nagarjuna - Videos

Companies can compete on process excellence and customer intimacy by investing in knowing more about customers and markets through predictive analytics

Idea behind the company name, Nuevora

Branding should generate curiosity, especially in a relationship-based business

Do we apply BA (business analytics) to our own business, yes we do

Remembering my teacher…

Anything in excess has a negative impact

A multi-disciplinary education through a non-profit organisation

Work with One Earth One People, in education

Technology makes it easy to drive conformance to rules of interaction

Business intelligence ends where Business analytics starts

Is gut-feel a lazy approach to decision-making

Dashboards can track leading and lagging indicators

How relevant is BA in a recessionary or slowdown environment

Consumer-driven industries like telecom, retail, financial services, insurance are leveraging BA

Metrics of BA's efficacy in achieving desired outcomes

Example of camping effectiveness - before and after applying analytics

Is there scope for applying BA to education - e.g. analysing child's performance

Can utilities and public services benefit from analytics

Economists do apply analytics, but is it a perfect science, not yet

Lot more oversight of financial institutions, and alignment of incentives, when we emerge from recession

Predictive analytics is a means to deliver the end, that is, the desired outcomes of the client

Analytics should be reported to shareholders so that they get confidence that decisions are well thought out

Can BA help a prospective acquirer, greatly

A greater global perspective can be brought to our management education

Stigma associated with failure is the biggest hurdle to entrepreneurship in India

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