Saturday, April 4, 2009

P. G. Raghuraman - Videos

Stimulating growth is the top priority, and this demands going back to clients
Industries are reshaping, financial sector is getting completely revamped

What do clients expect from us

More important than price and cost is the perceived value by customers

Some of the exciting projects we are working on

Our engagement with the financial services sector

Virtualisation, modularisation, and integration - three pillars that drive next wave of efficiency

What is modularisation

Many inefficiencies happen in the interfaces

On what we look for in acquisitions

Post-merger integration work for clients

The 'resources' vertical

Pressure to change and improve is a common thread among both private and public sectors

Diploma in BPO launched with IGNOU, nurses training in Africa

Two big trends in the industry

What makes someone employable in the BPO and outsourcing industry

High Performance Delivered - the Golf example

Clients demand high performance consistently

Understanding and relating to the client's culture is key, when working synergistically

On culture of companies

Examples of working with small and medium enterprises

Lot of scope for work in India

Consulting, technology, and outsourcing bundled together well to make a difference to clients' outcomes

First offshore delivery was in the Philippines, in 1985

How we shape solutions

On IT services companies buying up consulting organisations

How will the industry be over the next 10-15 years

Talent management within the organisation

We provide inputs to educational institutions to help them align the course to industry requirements

Our employees' work with Dr Reddy's Foundation

Remembering my teacher

If you stop learning, you stop growing

It is the responsibility of leaders to provide employees with learning opportunities

Successful leaders are those who have experimented

Leadership development programmes

Power of Now - a powerful concept

People don't resist change, they resist being changed

To resolve conflicts, stop taking things at face value

Conflicts are an indication that people are challenging for doing something better though emotions make things seem negative

Journey to Muktinath in the Annapoorna range in the Himalayas

Resilience, the hallmark of a leader

What differentiates high-performing companies

Not just speed, but momentum

Being too busy vs right focus

Consulting today is not just advising, but transformation

There's a lot to learn after plus two, choose what you are interested in (Tamil)

Nano is a great example of emerging market-driven innovation

There are courses on learning

Knowledge management is a base requirement for an organisation to grow

Knowledge Exchange

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