Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nagaraja Prakasam - Videos

Intrapreneurial culture works in organisations

Views on economic crisis

Is there a value proposition in CRM, during the downturn

Product vs service company, in terms of mindset

Technology is our bread and butter

Give freedom to people, but with constraints

What does it mean to be passionate about work

Develop a culture where people know it is okay to make a mistake

In CSR, involvement is more important than throwing money

Micro-verticals such as financial services and home-builders, in CRM

Challenges in targeting SMBs

CRM solution has to be tailored to the client's requirements

Examples of how CRM improves services

Tracking customer complaints using CRM, in Government agencies

Kiosk in airport that simplified checking in for registered users

CRM user of the quarter -- for sales personnel

Synergy between human intelligence and CRM

Evolution of CRM

Open standards like Web services that make systems to talk to each other

Definition of CRM

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